The Original Human Tetris

Sure, the French have fries named after them and also a lot of that mostly the rich can only afford, foods that by their names clearly did not desire any English counterpart.

But while we thought the Frenchmen can only be too good at foods, wines and delicacies, here is a proof that they too can sometimes go wacky. Here is a video of a human tetris, the most original, developed by the Game Over Project, that is currently on, although I would daresay it's not "not-so-noisy".

Anyway, it's time to see the very funny video.

The sounds, both the background music and the blocks' movements, make the video funnier all the more. The very first time I watched this it gave a laugh-out-loud. When they say it's the original "human tetris", they really mean human: the sound and the bricks. Two thumbs up for this cool brick game!

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chad said...

waaaaaaaa! the best! very funny!

Zang said...

it really is! hahah

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