New Year, New Look

Happy New Year, everyone! Sure, mom and sister was busy preparing for the media noche yesterday but I was just as busy as they were... donning a new look for my blog, My Consoling Asylum (MCA).

In a span of 118 days, or roughly about 4 months since its birth, MCA, or its author that is, has never been, say, so content, with its blog template and every time he sees a Wordpress-like, probably applicable template to blogger, then he grabs it. And don't tell me to move to Wordpress instead. I already have my account there and am on my way to creating new sites, probably with my own domain. But Blogger, yes, has been such an easy-to-understand-and-navigate blog provider, so I am not really regretting one bit that it was Blogger I first chose for my blog...

I will showcase here how My Consoling Asylum looked the past months.

This was how MCA looked on its infant stage.
This layout lasted for around a month.

This was MCA's second face, lasting for around
2 weeks only, and was later replaced with an
orange glow for the Halloween, which lasted for
around 2 weeks also.

A green theme replaced the Halloween look for
only a week.

Andreas04 theme followed, but only lasted for 2 days.
There were some technicalities which I can't fix myself.

Perhaps, second only to that of the first theme, my hunger for a
3-column template died at once and had gone back to the simple.

And now, the new look for the New Year! I hope you all like it guys!
I am still on my way to making a new header, something that blends.

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Black_Mamba said...

Wow. I like the new look. Happy New Year to you Zang!!!

Zang said...

thanks ate! it looks like you've been so busy i didn't hear much from you. im still looking for someone who'd do me the favor to make my blog a new header. it looks so empty

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