My Treasure compared to the National Treasure

blog awardMy treasure is something treasure hunters might find useless and that it may not be as important as that of National Treasure. Nonetheless, it's worth is more than the just mentioned. It is nothing but JoanJoyce's award for me that my blog is a treasure. She said there in the post that my blog is worth a read. Aww. It fattens my heart. I didn't know someone appreciates my blog that much. It just inspires me to continue my way of blogging. The award is truly a treasure, something National Treasure would die of shame, as this one's real and the other is fiction.

Talk about the devil; the National Treasure: Book of Secrets is already showing. And it was only now that I have come to see the full trailer. I don't know whether or not I will be able to see the movie myself. I wasn't able to watch the first one, and might not make it to the sequel too. It wouldn't be loss for me, I guess.

Anyway, here's the trailer of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It's hella good.

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bluecrystaldude said...

National Treasure 2 is definitely something to watch to. Grabs your friends along too! :DD

Zang said...

I will try, but i won't promise

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