My Entrecard Winners

By winners, I didn't mean they won 500 or 1000 Entrecard credits, not even a single credit, although I wish I could, it's just I am afraid I don't have much to give. But by my saying winners I meant they are something, or someone, at least in my Entrecard experience.

First I have to salute these ten people who've been kind and active enough to be dropping their cards on mine in the most winning way and times. Here are the top ten droppers to my site's Entrecard widget, with their number of drops.

1. JoanJoyce
2. Jean Costa
3. Art Constellation
4. Do Know Evil
5. Saphrym
6. My Sense and Sensibility
7. Inspiring Quotations
8. CK Marketing
9. Thoughts from Down Under
10. The Optimizer SEO News

Second, I also have to extend my warmest thanksgiving to those who accepted my advertising request on their blogs, which brought a substantial amount of traffic to my blog. They are the following, with the number of clicks from their widgets to my site.

Instead of giving these cool people the Entrecard credits that I cannot give although if I have lots I really would give to them, I am link-loving them; I believe that will somehow increase their Technorati authority. That's the least I can do.

Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to your visiting my blog again, and again. You're the winners for me...

And as a link to ALL the Entrecarders, here is for you. It would really be a pleasure if we exchange links. Just hit me if you fancy the idea so I can add you to my blogroll.

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Rudy said...

Psst... they might just be chain droppers.

You know, the drive-by droppers. Drop-and-go.

Zang said...

well, at least, they've bothered dropping by my blog

BadEvan said...

Yeah! There are a lot of chain droppers out there.

If it wasn't for the the link love...I might not have found your great and very funny blog!

Thanks Mate!

Zang said...

Hi Evan! Thanks for leaving a comment. Wow, thanks for the appreciation. At least there is someone who is brave enough to tell me that my blog is great and that it is very funny...

Nikki Andrews said...

I have been seeing this entrecard system everywhere lately. What exactly is it? It looks great for marketing.

Learnfuturestrading said...

Thanks for posting a lot of chain droppers.

Gold Trading said...

Thanks for your useful post about chain droppers. The drive-by droppers. Drop-and-go. There are a lot of chain droppers out there. At least there is someone who is brave enough to tell me that blog is great.

Happy Blogger said...

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