What's Your Blog's Reading Level?

Have you not ever wonder what type of readers does your blog require for your post to not only be taken a glance but also to be read with comprehension? Oh well, I did, especially when I bumped into a blog with that enticing button on it.

And what's the button about? Check this out.

I really didn't know it would require a little of a rocket scientist in someone or a genius chemist for my blog (and posts) to be read. Well, at least that's how CriticsRant.com evaluated my blog's readability. It says my blog reading level is college (post grad), and that only means to say that visitors here who do read my posts have mature intelligence, that even compared to a scientist. So applause for yourself if you're one of those who do read my posts; it only goes to show you're brilliant like someone who already graduated college. Cheer on, and your blog tested too!

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