Malaysian minister resigns after admitting sex scandal

mr. chua soi lek, malaysian health ministerMalaysian Health Minister Chua Soi Lek admitted that he is the man in an unmarried couple sex romp featured in two widely circulated DVDs.

Although he said he will not resign when he made his apology to the prime minister and other ruling party leaders, Mr. Chua resigned January 3, 2008 as health minister and lawmaker and has blamed 'certain partymen' of his Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) for the scandal but has refused to elaborate further.

According to one newspaper, the video is CCTV footage taken in a hotel, with date and suite reportedly unknown.

Mr. Chua, 60, toldreporters that he is "the man in the tape and the girl is a personal friend" hours after the Star reported that the two DVDs were being widely distributed in Johor, his home state.

He added that he did not make the tape himself.

"Who [did] this is not important. What is most important is that my family, wife and children have accepted my apology," said Mr. Chua.

As health minister, Mr Chua has campaigned giving out free condoms to reduce the spread of HIV, in the face of religious opposition.

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LaTease Rikard said...

This is a great story...I love it! American politicians aren't the only ones getting their freak on!

chad said...

kung ako sya, i will not resign. normal lang naman yan eh.. yun nga lang, bakit navideo. hehe..

pakipalitan po ng URL ko.. salamat.

Zang said...

(@ latease) well I guess it's time the Asian politicians do it. LOL.

(@ chad) i agree with you. di na unusual at these times yang mga sex scandals na yan

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