Jon Avila loses PBB's Celebrity Edition 2 grand winner chance

jon mullaly, jon avila, pinoy big brother celebrity edition 2Jon Avila (otherwise Mullaly) lost the chance of becoming one of the Big Four of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 after being forced evicted by Big Brother January 2, 2008 for violating a decree pertaining to process of nomination.

Big Brother asked the five remaining housemates, Gaby, Ruben, Will, Riza and Jon, last Saturday night who among them does not deserve to be in the Celebrity Big Four and when housemates failed this test Big Brother asked them to review the Rule Book to remind them of the consequences when they refused to follow the nomination process.

When asked to nominate again the housemates conspired for a five-way-tie result when Jon incited by influencing the other housemates with a statement: “Is everyone thinking what I’m thinking? Five medallions are here. And we’re five here.”

The next day after calling and questioning Jon about his statement, Big Brother conferred a forced eviction on him after consulting with Endemol officials.

According to Big Brother consultant Anuska Ban, the process of nomination is sacred and no one is allowed to discuss it outside the confession room—which Jon violated.

After Jon's eviction, the Big Four has already been determined and the chance to becoming the grand winner, which will be revealed on January 5, Saturday, now revolves around Ruben, Riza, Will and Gaby.

Vote for your favorite housemate now.

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Anonymous said...

well, I guess this man is so good that he forgot he's in a competition..

There isn't any real friend in this world. i guess that what he got after defending his housemates :(

Zang said...

i really regret his not being one of the big four. although at first i didn't like him, towards the end of the reality show i started to like his personality already.

but i'd say the Big Winner Ruben really deserves what he has just got.

Anonymous said...
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