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A blogger friend of mine left me a message of something she says might interest me. I visited the site and took no minute to waste to sign up. At first it doesn't look really appealing to me; yeah it's another make money site but then there just wasn't anything to convince me to participate actively in what they suppose would earn me some cash... Well, not until I checked my email and validated my account there.

The site is like Ezine Articles, on it's infancy stage I guess. It will provide bloggers the chance to publish their articles and actually earn from it. But before the article is published, members will rate the article themselves as Outstanding, Good Job, Decent Enough and so on. The rules for the blog to be approved are that it should be in English, does not contain pornography, illegal, in violation of copyright and some other bad stuffs.

As the site is building buzz, they are offering $200 for those members who will sign up for the remaining hours. There is only around 5 hours left to be getting the $200 deposit.

Join now by clicking here. You won't lose anything but a little of your time anyway, and I don't think it would do you any harm trying it. Who knows? After 11 hours, you might just be surprised that you already have the ever green $200 deposited in your account there. Sign up now... and don't forget to do your own referrals.

This is another way of making money, and just look at the figure: $200. I mean, that's very something.

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C5 said...

You probably misunderstood and unknowingly misleading...the $200 is not hard cash but credits to be able to get quality (one-way) backlinks to your site. The more credits, the more backlinks...

Zang said...

the truth is I knew all along... it's just a matter of teasing how many will bite into the fact that this speaks about "money". And yeah, there were lots.

Nicencute said...

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So, you must be mislead!

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