Is Google God-like?

google logoFrom the mere confusion I have had of Google, I started in BlogCatalog a discussion where I posted my personal theory why my blog didn't get any PageRank upgrade, and the only respondent to that discussion answered “Google can detect if you were sitting when you were making a post or were you standing... Google knows everything man...” I understand, and so much appreciate and had a good laugh about it, that man's satirical nature although I wish he furthered on the matter to enlighten me.

By that statement, it got me thinking that Google may be God-like and that I didn't mean that of the video game Dot All Stars—whatever that is.

Is Google really God-like—knowing everything as far as the web is concerned?

Spelling-wise, Google is not; it's three letter long of God. And just today, perfect for this topic that's been swimming around my head since two days ago, I landed in a blog revealing the myths of Google, of what we know and believe of it. It's a great revelation. It is not based solely on his opinion as the original article is evidence-based, with researches as back-up.

So what are the myths? They are as follows:

Myth #1: Google Knows All and Sees All
Myth #2: Google Will Not Rank Duplicate Content
Myth #3: You Must Get Links From Related Subject Sites to Rank
Myth #4: Your Site Must Focus On One Subject To Rank
Myth #5: High PageRank Means Good Rankings
Myth #6: To Maintain Good Rankings, You Must Add New Content


MYTH #7: THE BIGGEST MYTH: Ranking In Google Is Hard!

So is Google like God?

No, never. Google may be clever in its web pursuits, powerful on imposing PageRanks and is a Hercules on search engine industry but it has various flaws, unlike God, and a number of various claims which we have been poisoned with to believe and to hail Google as a gargantuan name with glory for every phase it sports and every face it shows us. Furthermore, God is not myth, while Google has many of it.

Google is neither like God nor a god online. It is only a notorious name that almost every thing and everyone that crawls in the web pay great attention to, just like that of celebrities whose lives we so eagerly tail.

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mikster said...

Meh.... People worry to much about PR. Perhaps if I were trying to make a few bucks by blogging it would matter to me more but as of now it really means very little to me.

Zang said...

it really means a lot especially if you do sponsored reviews.

Lazy Man and Money said...

Tom Brady tells God and Google what to do...

sUmMeR said...

hi zang... this is a lil OT but I don't know where else I should leave you a message. I already added you on my blog roll. thanks for dropping btw on my blog site ;)

about google PR, I have read from another blogger that he has reached around PR3 or PR4 I think. He's on my blog roll, named jessie. check him out. he said on his post that his blog is still 2months old and he already reached a good PR. He also included on his post how you could get to have a good PR ^__^ so... maybe it isn't that hard ey? :D

TC zang, i'll be passin' by here again. :)

The BenSpark said...

Google is not god, I even have a blog about that.

Caesar G. Balatero said...

@ lazy man - Sorry, but who's Tom Brady? Can you give me a link to the page where he tells about that of God and Google?

@ summer - added you already on my roll

@ benspark - can you give me the link so I can read?

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