A Hypocrite's Note on Entrecard

fish, hypocriteI don't pertain to anyone with the word hypocrite, but me. You see I made a list of what to do's and what not to do's so to maximize our Entrecard experience but now I am violating one of my self-made ethics, the number 2.

Since I wrote that article I have put my Entrecard widget on the top spot in my sidebar, so bloghoppers can easily see it and drop their card immediately, without stealing any precious moment of theirs by being bothered to scroll down to find where exactly is my Entrecard widget.

So now I am putting that widget at the bottommost of my two-sided top sidebar. I have been receiving good amount of traffic from Entrecard and my Alexa rank has improved a lot each week but it just occurred to me that what if I put it below, just like how others don't bother to place theirs on top. I have found out on those sites as I go Entrecard bloghopping that when I scroll down to find their Entrecard widget I get the chance to see the articles posted on their front page and not just the post on the very top, thereby raising interest, if they really are interesting. In the hope that what frequently occurred to me will also occur to the minds of these Entrecarders, I now place my widget below, and hopefully the number of traffic from Entrecard will not significantly drop and instead bring more comments to my posts, as I expect it.

Well I really hope this will work. This is just a matter of experimentation of the hypocrite like I. If it worked for those blogs whom I took the time to locate their widgets, it might as well work for me.

By the way, the picture in this post just suits me as my friends call me “fish”, not because I smell fishy. Thought I'd let you know.

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Angelika said...

Well, you theory is right, LOL.

I had to scroll to find your card and this post caught my eye.

I think I've given up on trying to get people to comment. I must accept the lurking. *sigh*

Doc Shadow said...

Personally I like to try to read the first 2-3 posts (at least skim) on every site I visit with the exception of some of the ubiquitous "Make money online" blogs.

My widget is at the top of both my sites, but it is good to see you forcing people to do a little more than simply chain drop.

Caesar G. Balatero said...

@ angelika - see? i was right! you guys bothered to comment. i guess i'd put my widget there permanently. but I guess the best way to get comments is to leave comments on other's blogs.

@ doc shadow - yeah, i agree, there are a lot of make money online sites, even my blog has it, but it's now all about making money, it's of the general, that's why you see in my categories i have almost every topic in the world, but not sex. haha.. well i have sex topics anyway, but they're categorized somewhere else

Jamaipanese said...

I guess i am a sucker for posting mine up top -_-

Leon said...

I suppose it works. I may try it. Though it may cost me some advertisers, I may gain some readers, and that's the most important thing.

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

@Caesar G. Balatero:
Well, it is a bit low from "the fold" as in I need to spin the mouse wheel a couple of times before able to locate it.

I would probably still find it if I am doing some EntreSurfing for kicks.

Perhaps you would consider placing it a bit upwards?

Kinda like make it locatable after two spins of the mouse wheel.

Would hate to your site off both lists though.

Perhaps it is time that I start up an Asian EntreCarders list...

Zang said...

@ jamaipanese & leon - posting it up on top is way better than elsewhere. It so happened I put mine somewhere below as I am on an experiment if it really will increase readership. and it did! i got more comments on my posts than it was before, and still getting a lot of traffic from entrecard. there may be less advertisers to your entrecard but if you just advertise on other's on a regular basis, the traffic amount would more or less be the same. the only thing you lose if you don't get advertisers is the credit for display, which is only around 25-30 credits. and let's be practical, you can get that by visiting and dropping your card on others' blogs.

look, from the bottom placement of my 125x125 pic in Entrecard's Personal Diary category, my blog has even climbed up to the 4th spot in that category now. see, it's not a matter of getting advertisements. it's a matter of advertising ur blog to others.

if this recent experiment of mine, however, will fail then I will get the widget back to the top spot. and that's just it.

@ ahkong - calm down, spinning the mouse wheel is more convenient than actually clicking and holding the scroll bar to locate the widget, and I have been accustomed to doing the latter and yet I am not complaining when I bloghop and find Entrecard widgets. thanks for the suggestion anyway. as i said, this is just an experimentation. when this fails, then i might get it back to where it used to sit.

blueyes said...

I didn't have to scroll to click it but I do read at least the first page of posts to see if it is worthy to add to my RSS feeder and some of them are.

Zang said...

yes, you don't have to scroll down now as I placed it back into the top at my sidebar, for advertisement purposes.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma said...

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