How do you pronounce Entrecard?

The time Entrecard came into the blogosphere, I must admit I wondered how the word Entrecard is pronounce. Even in college I always had the curiosity upon how this word and that word is said, in the proper way, and have always been drawn to liking vocabulary that even my best friends had had me consulted for some terminologies, their meaning, their pronunciation, and more whenever there is not a probable book for consultation nearby. Not at all times I can answer them, though. I am just human, who errs sometimes, although I must admit that my penchant for words is unerring.

Haven't you also wondered back then, or up to now, how Entrecard is pronounced? Personally, the very first time I encountered the word I pronounced it as en-ter-card, with the reason that meter is sometimes spelled as metre (like centimeter - centimetre, diameter - diametre, etc.), and there were also the times I enunciate it as en-tre-card, with tre simply as that of tremors. Have you had the same experience too, like I did?

Later I have found out how Entrecard is really pronounced, or so I think, after a bit of self-realization and finally coming to an ahh... If you've been accustomed to pronouncing Entrecard with the ones mentioned above, then you might like to read on, and know finally how you say the word, with a bit more of class and style.

First let's us know Entrecard's etymology. Entre was taken from entrepreneur, which is pronounced, according to Webster, as (än' trə-prə-nűr”), the main (or the strongest stress) in the last syllable as indicated by ”, and the lighter stress on the first syllable as indicated by '. Card is of course from the word card, and it is stupid if you don't know what that is. It's pronounced as kard. Therefore, we can assume that Entrecard is enunciated as än' trə-kärd. The first syllable is said like that of encore (än-kōr), the second syllable a combination of tre and tra so that it sounds classy and the last syllable, simply, kard. And as this word is composed of three syllables, the stress is assumed to be at the first syllable.

If you go to Entrecard's homepage, there is a video (which only recently had I been able to watch) about Entrecard and how it works, and because it is a video, of course you will know how Entrecard is enunciated. In there it is pronounced as: än' trā-k
ärd (an-trey-kard). But that video is only making more confusion. Owing to the etymology of the word, and reading how Entrecard blog corrects the video on its blog, Entrecard is correctly enunciated as än' trə-kärd.

So now that you know how Entrecard is pronounced, go spread the word. And tell you've learned it from an English-teacher wannabe who happens to be me. So how do you pronounced Entrecard? It's:

än' trə-kärd.

(Note: This article has been edited twice; first, the original article posted my very first understanding and discovery of the word's pronunciation basing on my personal understanding, then it was re-edited when one of the comments (the four of them I already deleted because I found out I was wrong) said to watched the video on the homepage, and third I put back my original article with the same explanation of the word, as I found out in the end that what I believe was right is really right as confirmed by Entrecard's blog, which I have read just recently. See, I was right all along... I guess I can now really be an English teacher.)

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Manalo ng $250 said...

Ang dami ng gumamit ng entrecard ngayon ano. It pread like a wildfire.

Zang said...

it's really helpful kasi in terms of traffic

The Judge said...

Funny, I always thought it was pronounced "on-tray-Card", but I thought it refered to "entre" as in French for "Enter"

Entrepreneur makes a whole lot more sense.

Thanks for the heads up!

FeelingFlirty said...

I had no idea how to pronounce it either, thanks!

Now I'll sound like an expert when I talk about it. LOL

Jennie said...

wow this is an interesting post. thanks for sharing. it had me stop and think. all this time i didn't really care how it should be pronounced. :-) thanks! thanks!

Zang said...

@ the judge - entre is a cut-off from "entrepreneur"

@ feelingflirty - you should be proud now you finally know how to pronounce it correctly. *winks. go tell your friends about it, or correct them if they're wrong.

@ jennie - i was so curious about the word it had me thinking and discovering how it really is pronounced. and so here was my post.

Im glad you all learned from it!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I've always pronounced it as en-tre-card. don't know why.

btw, I visited your new domain. congrats ha. I also visited the hyperwebenable site, free pala talaga webites nila but after reading the agreement found out that you don't own the site. it will belong to hyperwbenable. okay ba yun?

joanjoyce said...

entre-card ang pronounce ko jan :D

and btw di ba dihedo yun di mo naman pala pag mamayari yung site na yon baka di ka maka monetize don.

mikster said...

I guess I've never wondered too much about it. But then i make up weird words all the time when I'm blogging too. ;)

Liza said...

I joined entrecard too and the first time I encountered it I pronounced it en-tre-card.

Have a great weekend.

Zang said...

@ monaco - ako din noon, entrecard lang. walang kaclass2. anyway, i just read the word through my mind, la nman kasi ako nashasharean ng ganun. i don't have friends who blog, i mean my friends in the physical world.

and about hyperwebenable, i think i have changed my mind. i have thought of it too. aside from i'm still learning Wordpress, it also occured t me na i don't own the site, although i have changed the password. kaya nga di ko na inexport posts ko dito to there. anyway, it won't be too long till i have my own domain na ako talaga bibili.

@ joanjoyce - actually pede mong monetize yun on your own. tsaka google adsense lang nman nila so far ang nilalagay nila, which is i don't have 'cause disabled ang adsense ko noon pa.

@ mikster - weird words? u mean, your own words, or what?

@ liza - well, at least now, we all know how to pronounce it

Ian said...

I've always thought of it as "on-tray-card", "entre" in the sense of an introduction.

And whats this meter being mispelt sometimes as metre? Its the other way around surely. We spell it metre, Americans meter, just like they spell centre wrong too.

Zang said...

@ ian - the "entre" is a cut from "entrepreneur" as Entrecard is the bloggers' business card

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