From Zero to Mud Hero: A Whine on PageRank

slapRecently, there has been this what all the bloggers awaited: the PageRank update. I got wind of this event through my group in Yahoo when someone reported exultantly that her/his Page Rank has been perked up from zero to three when she saw it in Google Toolbar yesterday (although as I checked it hers was still zero). So I immediately checked mine, only to know it was still zero.

The loss of hope had not been made any clearer when today from about 60% of the blogs I had hopped on to posted an article on the current PageRank update, boasting how their PR zoomed up in just a matter of this and that—their blog's age. Oh I just envy them. But then there are those who grumbled through their post about what the PR update has done to their blog: some lost a notch or two in the rank and some still remained zero. Just like mine.

Back in December I had this one blogger who told me about PageRank, although I already knew how that works. The only supplemental information he had for me then was the possible date of the next PR update, which he predicted would be in January or early February. He must be a soothsayer. But I guess that is not so hard to foresee, and I am not quite sure whether he forecast his PR upgrade right, and mine too: he expected to gain from 1 to 2 and that mine from 0 to 3 or 4. Half-wrong, if he got the prediction for his blog right, and totally wrong, if both.

I really looked forward to the days of the PR update: and this was it. I was expecting back then that my blog's PR will go from zero to hero, but I guess it's mud hero. Ouch! Had it not been with the prediction of gaining 3-4 PR, I wouldn't have expected that much. But I am not blaming him, okay?

The only consolation, which My Consoling Asylum can afford me this time, is the amount of traffic I am getting, which keeps progressing day by day. I must admit that my envy to those whom I think my blog was better in terms of links, traffic and age has just grown overlong. They must really be joyful...

MCA cannot console me much, not now anyway; I need you guys who share the same feeling with me of being stuck at zero to celebrate with me. Come, lets party... and might as well plan a conspiracy to kick back at Google. Can I just slap them?

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Robert Di-Salvo said...

Nope my Pg rank never changed.. i dont think they are done yet takes a week for you to finally know what it will end up being


Gian Paolo said...

My Pagerank changed. From N/A to zero. yahoo!!! Cheer up, at least you have lots of traffic--and I think that's much much better.

AgentOrange said...

My pr is also went from N/A to zero lol. But it doesn't matter some of my pages still rank first in google against pages with PR higher than mine. I don't really get this they said that if your PR is higher you'll rank higher in searches. I guess its because of the SEO tools that I have been using in my blog. I don't really know but as long as I am getting a fair amount of traffic it doesn't really matter to me. :D Cheer up!! things will get better

joanjoyce said...

i have read somewhere that google is having a problem on PR's lately. just check out mine, on my blog its PR4, on my forum its PR0 on my index and kennel it's PR2, isn't it have to be all the same? because it all belong to 1 web address? plus heres the bad news, when i checked onto PR checkers I am PR0 huhuhu

Richard said...

okay lang yan.. PR is not just a sole indicator of how great your blog.. sabi mo nga, malakas traffic mo..:-)

Robert Di-Salvo said...

LOL your out of your mind! who cares about pagerank,., You are very sucessful your technoranti authority is 105 and climbingJust look!!

Congrats to you.. I made national attention last week with an post i wrote and have blogs in the 1,500 range linking to me and im just at 12.. my pr is still at 1.. LOL much love to you

idealpinkrose said...

i used to have PR 2 and it suddenly turned to 0. i dunno why.

hi sis! i'm sorry to bother you but my other blog idealpinkrose is a candidate again. Please vote for me here. thanks a lot! from allinkorea. sumosobra na ba ako? pagbigyan mo na ako sis..hehehe..

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Zang said...

wow, i never thought I would get this amount of comments. I slept after this article and now when I turned to check I already got seven waiting replies:

@ Rob - did you know it was you the one I mentioned in the article? hehe. If Google's really not yet done with the PR thingy, I still do hope your predictions will come true. Let's just "wait until the dust settles", that what I got from you in one of the discussions there in BlogCatalog.

@ Gian - What difference does it make with N/A to zero? Because I used to be N/A and now zero.

@ agentorange - I agree with you; that's the thing that's been bothering me, showing up first page or second on Google search engine (I check it by clicking the visitors' origin with my Feedjit Live Traffic Feed below) and yet not getting any PR.

@ joanjoyce - this is really weird. but I have known few months ago that it doesn't mean your blog's every page has the same PR. it depends. i have read that either in Google or Wikipedia, not sure.

@ richard - malakas nga ang traffic but having PR will make it easier for my blog to earn thru reviews, although i am still earning from them without any PR. but i guess i would be earning more and gaining more review opportunities if i had any PR at all.

@ Rob (again) - that's what I've been saying: I have a good amount of links (Technorati is one indicator of that) and yet no PR?

@ idealpinkrose - don't worry; I always vote for you at your command. :)

Gian Paolo said...

According to, when you get an N/A PR that means that your blog is either: the web page is new and still not indexed by Google; the web page is indexed by Google but not ranked yet; it was indexed a long time ago and was put in the Supplemental Results page (also known as Google Hell); or the webpage or the website as a whole is banned by Google. :)

Zang said...

i am confused, in some PR checkers mine is N/A and to some it's zero. why is that?

Gian Paolo said...

Beats me...

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