Entrecard Ethics: A Guide to Maximizing Entrecard Experience

Entrecard has driven so much traffic to its members since it was launched on the internet. It has also provided bloggers the ability to advertise their sites on someone else's sites at a no dollar cost. Entrecard, truly, has made a revolutionary improvement on online traffic building.

As Entrecard members, how can we maximize the advantages Entrecard has to offer? Let's see the what-to-do's and what-to-do-not's for a better Entrecard experience.

1. Be unique. Provide your own 125x125 images. This will serve as your site's unique identity. Entrecard's pre-formatted 125x125 layouts are a no-problem, only that it is really awkward that your blog is not the only one that uses them.

2. Place Entrecard on top of your sidebar, or anywhere that is readily accessible. Do not place them middle-page or at the bottom. This will enhance bloghoppers' card-drop activities as they will no longer scroll down to find where your Entrecard is located.

3. Drop your card to at least 15 sites a day. That's not too much, and it's not very few as well. Your dropping of card will be reflected at the inboxes of those bloggers whose sites you have dropped your card into, thereby increasing the chances that they too will visit your blog, and that's traffic! So bloghop, and bloghop, and bloghop some more...

4. Take the time and effort to drop back on those who dropped on your Entrecard. Go see your inbox in your dashboard and click them one by one.

5. Advertise on a regular basis, preferably one advert a day. There's just no use advertising your blog five times for the day as bloghoppers can only drop one card on one site every day, and if these bloghoppers will come to seeing your blog advert again on another site then they have come to a dead end. But for traffic purposes (and not merely card-dropping) you may advertise all you want every day.

6. Be considerate. Approve the pending ads on your dashboard and not cancel them. You should be grateful they chose your site to advertise on to. Never be indifferent. After all, they've been able to afford your credit-per-day requirement, the one thing that keeps Entrecard advertising alive.

7. Help one another. Yes, this is the one, ultimate key to optimizing and maximizing our Entrecard experience. Love your co-Entrecarders. Remember what Mother Theresa said, “There are more people in the world dying for love than there are people dying of hunger.” Regard Entrecard as a aocial and blog networking community and not a competition as to who has the most expensive advertising requirement.

Let us help Entrecard grow into a wonderfully social home by considering and doing those mentioned above. It's just a matter of atttitude. If we do those, we will see in the end that we all benefited from Entrecard in a way that anything else had not given us.

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Fitz said...

good tips. i have been enjoying a lot of traffic because of Entrecard.

in addition to what you said, i also exert the effort to send a personal message to the people who approved my ads and thank them.

joanjoyce said...

nice tips Zang but to add 1 make sure that you'll comment on blogs you choose to drop a card, maybe once or more in a week or a month, just to know them more. it's nice to also meet new friends right?

Caesar G. Balatero said...

thanks fitz and ate joanjoyce for commenting. yeah, i've forgotten to mention those. but i don't think I need to add them now, as readers will also be able to see your comments, and that should do it. moreover, it will be on your credit if they read your additional tips to maximing Entrecard experience.

Dennis S. Rito said...

hi cesar,

thanks for the tips. just signed up (entrecard) and started using it.

Caesar G. Balatero said...

i hope you will enjoy the benefits of using it as much as I did, Dennis

Prudence said...

I've also joined Entrecard too. And so far, it has done good to my blogs' traffic.

Caesar G. Balatero said...

yes, it really does good for a blog's traffic...

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