Britney is the next Michael Jackson?

britney spears drops her babyI know the moment she was rushed to the hospital was back in the days, nine days to be exact, but I was just reminded of Britney Spears in BlogCatalog discussion when someone started a thread entitled “when will Britney die?”. Oh it's really amusing, although the query is somehow morbid and malevolent. And from that I was reminded of the news report of the fateful hospital rushing.

I don't know if I am to feel sympathy for the girl, Britney, or not; I used to like her and her ever popular songs, but now it looks as though she had lost her marbles. On the report, I was reminded, a psychoanalyst named Dr. Bethany Marshall spoke of Britney possessing a very great potential to become the next Michael Jackson.

michael jackson drops baby“... I think Britney could be pulling what I call Michael Jackson with just the more she is asked to step up to the play and take responsibility for herself, the more she experiences the consequences of her actions and the more she falls apart,” said Dr. Marshall then.

But Britney hasn't dangled one of her boys in the window, and she hasn't had a major plastic surgery for the face. Well, not yet, anyway. But whether or not she becomes the next MJ, I hope she will not end up very mental, because she is already off her rocker. And let us hope her and K.Fed's boys will grow up well and that she'll be a responsible mother herself, setting aside alcohol and (possibly) drugs and taking into consideration the farewell of the kids first. Oh my, how worse could this world go as far as family is concerned?

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lina said...

without the botched plastic surgery of course. I pity the kids. Let's hope K-Fed doesn't add anymore trauma for the kids.

Zang said...

i think it's better that the kids are on K-Fed's custody. Look at Britney, I don't think she'd be a good mother for them, for now..

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