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For after how many months of not having BidVertiser ad on my page, I went back to check on their site today and had found out you can not only place ads on your page but also on your feeds, whether its RSS or Atom, allowing you to make money from your feeds as well as from your website. All you have to do is to provide them with your RSS/Atom feed source URL, although it will already be there when you activate this feed advertising feature if you already are a member of their site. You will also just have to key in your desired feed title, a unique identifier to use as your new Feed Address.

Once you've completed those, you need to verify your feed ownership to establish that you really are the owner of that blog and the feeds. You can do the verification by simply adding a new entry to your feed (by writing a new post in your blog for example) that includes your unique code that they will provide you, and then you will click "Verify" on their site once the entry is published. The verification by BidVertiser usually takes up to a minute and after that you may delete the entry.

Well, this post is my way to verify my own transaction there, and here is my unique code BDV-403990-BDV, and there's no way I'm going to delete this entry, instead I will let this stay here so readers who might find this post convincing will also do what I have just done with BidVertiser ads on my feeds.

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