7 Weird Things About Me: A Meme

zangI got tagged by Jennie of Marriage and Beyond and so I am obliged to do the same. Well, the truth is, even if not obliged I still would have done this, just to let the readers know some of the peculiarities that the author, who happens to be ME (yeah me, baby!), possesses. Well I hope I didn’t sound silly saying ME, which is obvious that it is I who’s writing this post.

The rule is simple. As this is a meme, if you've been tagged here then it's only either you should be grateful I chose to tag you or rant that this meme task will just obliged you to do the same. And when you do your own post of your seven weirdest things you have to tag seven bloggers of your choice.

Anyway, I am going to reveal seven of the weirdest things about me, and be prepared as you might find them substantially inappropriate or gross. And if so, please don’t treat me like someone who hasn’t taken a bath for years, let alone spite and shun me (or my blog) for all my eccentricity.

1.I love to rub with my hand the groove of my behind at nighttime, even while asleep. I don’t know if it has something to do with my being gay or what. Ha ha. And to make matters worse, even while I am conscious, when not asleep that is, I still love to do it. Oh don’t look at me like that.

2.After doing the conscious version of the above I smell my hand and take delight of my own ass’s odor. Ooh, it’s so addictive. It doesn’t stink, that’s why, but yeah I understand your thoughts of it as really weird. Well, honestly, I’ve been kind of addicted to this…

3.I walk very fast. And trust me when I say fast. I walk at a speed of 1 kilometer per 9 minutes that when I am with my friends they are often left behind and would grumble why I didn’t wait for them. I am telling you you wouldn’t want to be with me if it’s sauntering that we are to do. It’s just that time is my ultimate treasure; “time is gold”, remember?

4.I count the steps to and from the internet café when I update my blog. So far it is a little more or a little less than 875 steps, back and forth. I will count back again later.

5.I go to bed at 2 AM and fall asleep at around 3 or 4. Yes, I am that super insomniac. I just can’t shrug off the many thoughts swimming in my head and just keep thinking random thoughts all the more. There’s just too much of anxiety in me. I guess it’s time I need anxiolytics.

6.I clean my nostrils with my forefinger and when I got the "crops" I just flick it away or stick it under the seats. Ew.

7.I don't like most condiments--patis, ketchup, vinegar, etcetera but gravy and soy sauce. I'd rather eat the foods even if they're really dry than dip them into those sauces.

So those are what I consider weird things about me, and I am tagging JoanJoyce, Geisha, Serena, Joni, Ivy, Kharlota and Mrs. J for them to reveal their own peculiarities.

(And yes, the one on the picture is none other than the gross author.)

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