Words You Should Never Call a Gay

Although most communities have already accepted gays as they are, they still are at times stereotyped and ridiculed, and sometimes regarded as freaks and neurotic for having chosen a life like that. Gays are still human, and they do have feelings, so it is just right that they are respected just like anybody else is. And since words often hurt more than swords, here is a guide of what should be avoided when calling someone who is gay.

1. Never call a gay bitch; call that to a woman. Call them promiscuous or flirt instead.
2. Never call a gay sucker, as not all gays suck. Some just do f***.
3. Never call a gay user because oftentimes they are the ones being used.
4. Never call a gay loser as most of the time they easily win over life's numerous battles.
5. Never call a gay immoral; they're just as adventurous and carefree as anybody else.
6. Never call a gay scandalous; they just fight for their rights.
7. Never call a gay worthless; they may be more than your worth.
8. Never call a gay stupid; strange will do.
9. Never call a gay faggot; that's not a good thing to say to anyone.
10. Never call a gay histrionic; they just need recognition.
11. Never call a gay ugly; they're beautiful in their own ways.
12. Never call a gay weak; they're the strongest people in the world.
13. Never call a gay shameless; just call them over-confident.
14. Never call a gay cheap; call them unsophisticated instead.
15. Never call a gay pathetic, as they have several unique skills and talents.
16. Never call a gay poor; they're rich in emotions and ideas.
17. Never call a gay fool; they're just as sane as you are.
18. Never call a gay dog; they have their manners and etiquette.
19. Never call a gay desperate; vain is more proper.
20. Never call a gay abnormal; call them unique.

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