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nintendo wii

I didn't know where I was actually heading to that time but I dropped by a site of a journey of an internet entrepreneur and was so enticed about a teaser in his sidebar that said "Win a Wii". Therefore I clicked it right in an instant and got to his specific post as how to win the console, and I am sharing this for you to have the chance to win the item, too.'s author is cooking a dish for us to feast on this holiday to celebrate his wonderful journey becoming an internet entrepreneur. The rules to grab his delightful treat are indeed very simple. You can win the Nintendo Wii by either (1) leaving a comment on any of his various helpful posts and subscribe to his RSS feed via an RSS reader or email (if by reader send him a screenshot of his website in your reader) or (2) you write a blog post about his website,, and his Nintendo Wii contest with at least 250 words containing a link back to his website with the anchor text "internet entrepreneur" and another link back to that particular post/article, and when you're done contact him via the contact form.

Contest ends December 14, 2007. The winner will be drawn on that same day at 11:59 PM and the prize will be sent out on December 15, 2007. See, he even sees to it that it will arrive at your doorsteps to make your Christmas any happier. It's gonna be a Wii-lectrifying Christmas!

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