Want to be a medical assistant?

medical assistantsMedicine is truly a noble course that when I was young there were times I wished to become a doctor when I grow up. And now that I have grown up, it looks like medicine is a very expensive course, and when I say expensive I cannot afford it, and so I took Nursing, a much cheaper course and with high demands for job admission worldwide.

However, if there are any of you who wishes to pursue medicine and yet can't afford the luxury of its training then why not consider being a medical assistant? This includes being a medical officer manager, dental assistant, ultrasound technician, radiologist and nurse. There was one article I have read online many months ago when I did our thesis that medical assistants get higher job satisfaction than doctors do. Not to mention the lesser fees when you enrolled in medical assistant schools offering medical assistant training programs.

Across USA there are various medical assistant programs offered by campus health care schools like University of Phoenix, Virginia College, Sanford Brown and many more. These schools provide specialized training depending on your choice of medical assistant program so you'll graduate as a trained, motivated and thoughtful assistant.

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