Things I Love About Davao City

Here comes the what I called “redeemer” to my previous post “Things I Will Always Hate About Davao City”, and this arrives as a very good sequel to it as well.

Davao City has become my second home, primarily because it is the city where I usually go to. It is the second place where I have fun and actually perk up my life, and although there are things I hate about this city, as mentioned in my previous post, there are also the things in which I admire so much about the city. These are the following:

faucet, tap waterWater
Davao City has in fact the world’s second cleanest water. Its Dumoy water is so clean and pure you can even drink tap water, although I have only tried that twice. During my short stay (2 months and few days) in the city I have become whiter and my face has also cleared up.

safe, night walkSafety
There is less crime happening in Davao City, and I even don’t fear walking alone in the city late at nights. I would even have my wallet peeping largely in the back pocket and yet the place just seems too safe to be feared of, from pickpockets, snatchers, and the like.

10 pesos coinCost of living
Davao City has been hailed the second most livable city in Asia, that I have known when I read a large sign by Department of Tourism in one of its parks. True, when you live here, you won’t be spending too much; that’s if you are living a normal life.

With Davao City’s strict and good governance and with city’s prime mayor’s one-of-a-kind love and dedication to public service, this city has now in my opinion the most peaceful city in Mindanao, or perhaps, in the whole Philippines. I salute Mayor Duterte’s power and control so much!

no smokingSmoke-free
Davao City’s smoke-free ordinance makes it a healthy place to live in. This is one decree that every city should implement also. Smoking is stalwartly prohibited in public places and lawbreakers are immediately dealt upon once known. Smoking is only allowed in private places such as homes: when one smokes outside his home or territory, he will be penalized.

pearl farm beach resortLovely places
Although I haven’t been to many spots in the city, Davao has a lot of wonderful places to offer. Among them are Eden Resort, Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort, Philippine Eagle, Davao Crocodile Park, Shrine Hills and many, many more.

Indeed, Davao City is one charming place to be in, so if you haven’t been here before then it is high time you come and visit it.

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