Smorty gives a Christmas gift to me


Oh you may have thought I meant something special when I said gift above. Truth is, it is indeed special! Just today when I opened my email I got one from Smorty saying my blog has already been approved, and that is the best Christmas gift Smorty can give to me as I will now finally be able to get opportunities to get paid for blogging.

As far as my oblivious memory would aid me, I signed up in Smorty three months ago, back when my blog was still so infant, or should I say a “newborn”. Of course you would expect it will be denied in Smorty, and it was! What a shame.

Two days ago, I opened my Smorty account and still got impatient, as it happens every time I open my account there, as my blog hadn't been approved yet. What I did was to re-enter my blog information and then, voila, I am now a certified Smorty-er.

Smorty is a make-money site that connects advertisers to publishers, which are the bloggers. They make a significant bridge between the advertisers and bloggers so the former can advertise on blogs their products and/or services online.

If you are not in Smorty yet then it's time for you to blog for money with blog advertising. Give yourself a gift this Christmas, just like what I did... or Smorty did, that is. And if you would be kind enough to make my Christmas any happier, you can sign-up to Smorty using my referral or by clicking the Smorty button on my sidebar under Recommended.

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