Remi re-envokes sympathy over morning TV

remi, nobody's girlremi, nobody's girlRemi, Nobody's Girl was first launched in the Philippines in January 1999 in ABS-CBN. I can still remember I was in my sixth grade that time, sympathizing with the poor girl's cruel fate. From then on it has been replayed in Channel 2 several times and just this morning Remi's story has yet again been aired on morning TV.

Remi is a story of a young, humble girl in France in the late 1800's. Although deprived of material wealth, little Remi leads a happy and carefree existence, not knowing at first that she was an "adopted girl", who had been taken in when she was a little baby abandoned in a dead end, until one day when her "father", distraught from work in Paris after succumbing to an accident, tells her the truth, and decides to sell her to a violent man. Fortunately, she is saved by Maestro Vitalis, a street entertainer who has noticed her beautiful voice and wants her to sing in his shows. They leave together, and go throughout the length and breadth of France.

The story is adapted from an 1878 French novel Sans famille by Hector Malot. In the original story, however, RĂ©mi is a boy. This 26-episode animated story by Nippon animation (naturally originally Japanese) premiered September 1, 1996 to March 13, 1997 across Japan on Fuji Television.

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