Rat five times bigger than the usual

BBC News:

Giant rat found in "lost world"

possumA giant rodent five times the size of a common rat has been discovered in the mountainous jungles of Indonesia.

The 1.4kg Mallomys giant rat is one of two species of mammal thought to be new to science documented on an expedition to an area described as a "lost world".

Conservationists also found a pygmy possum - one of the world's smallest marsupials - on the trip to the remote northern region of the Papua province.

Both are currently being studied to establish whether they are new species.

Scientists on the trip, organised by Conservation International (CI), also recorded the mating displays of several rare birds for the first time.

"It's comforting to know that there is a place on Earth so isolated that it remains the absolute realm of wild nature," said Bruce Beehler, who led the expedition.

Read the rest of this story in BBC.

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