PayPerPost's RealRank: An Arbitrary Tool

Many of PayPerPost (PPP) members irked over Google's recent downgrading of their blogs' PageRank (PR) to the point that they curse Google under their breaths and complaints have been whipped in the air and around the blogosphere. Trouble is, Google is not open to feedback and has therefore left affected bloggers more upset.

For most bloggers, PageRank has been hailed as their ultimate measuring tool on their blog's popularity, actual traffic and influence. In PPP's site it is even the primary measurement on whose blog gets what review opportunities. But with Google's nerfings on PPP's member blogs, the latter made a tool that they envision will provide real measurement for not only their member blogs but also for the worldwide blogs, as Izea (PPP's new name) describe it “a measuring stick that actually means something... we hope this becomes the most valuable site measurement tool worldwide.

True, Google's PageRank may be both self-serving and irrelevant to actual traffic and influence, and Alexa may be inaccurate in its attempt to estimate traffic and does a terrible job when measuring blogs with smaller niche audiences, but I don't think RealRank is anywhere near any of these two traffic and popularity ranking tools. RealRank may just have been implemented to console PPP bloggers who had their PR's lowered, but PPP hasn't utilized their own RealRank yet as a way to get open opportunities in their make money site. They said that they are encouraging their advertisers to used this tool in determining which blogs will be eligible to review a product or service but it looks as if these advertisers still would prefer the PR.

For now, RealRank is still an arbitrary measure and has only provided PPP members a combination of number that signifies their current standing in that particular site. While this has not been fully utilized and considered by advertisers yet, the PR will still reign as the primary determinant for review opportunities. After all, publishers engaged into PPP because of their PageRanks (the higher the PR the more the opportunities), and now that their PR has been lowered by Google, they shouldn't be whining any amount of complaints and if they do, they better get out of PPP to boost back their PR's and hope and when they come back next, Google wouldn't meddle once again. And if they chose to stay, they should be secured with their current Alexa traffic rank as it is by far the most consoling measure that assures bloggers of the amount of traffic or visitors to one's site.

I am happy with not adding wrinkles to my face by whining on that PR downing issue. Who am I to complain? My PR has always been zero since I started blogging September of this year, and I am just glad with the numbers Alexa has ranked on me. It just keeps progressing. All this time, I still regard Alexa as the highest authority to ranks and all that...

Here's the formula to measuring RealRank, anyway.

70% weighted towards visitors per day
20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
10% weighted towards pageviews per day

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Mark Antony said...

That's a clear definition of how RR is defined, I had wondered about that!

One question, how did you get a ppp real rank if you've only been going since September? Don't you have to wait three months for ppp approval? Or is there some way to assertain your RR that I don't know of...

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