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Overtime, I didn't notice that my mailbox (not the ones outside the house, not even in e-mail) already holds 96 letters, plus those that were not place inside it, especially the large ones. Most of these letters are from abroad, USA at most, from my penpals, chatmates, and ex-lovers (sigh).

The first penpal that I had was from a nearer city, and I was 9 years old by then, and she was in high school that time, nearing her college years. She said she saw my name in song magazine. When I hit highschool, especially when I was in my third year, where the times I had more knowledge on internet, I had my first penpal abroad, in the form of a minister, although now he is in jail. A really sad story, and an ironic one too...

It was not until I hit college that I got letters from abroad streaming into our home. In a week I can receive as much as three letters. My reason those times was, aside from gaining new friends, was to see how the stamps from all over the world look like. And well, I got many of them now, only that they were used.

When my hospital duties came during my second year in college, that's when I stopped responding to my pals. Now I have thought how bad must I have become. Well, life gets busier each day and I could no longer contain the task of writing back to them.

So now I am just cherishing all my memories of friendship with my penpals, and love and joy too. There are so many of them that starting to write back to them would be a great task. At least in my life I have come across the phase of connecting to the world through pen.

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Lolli said...

awww tons of mails, i have tons of mails too in my puter heheh
happy wekend!

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