My First Encashed Blog Earning

philippine peso bill, philippine peso bills, philippine 500-peso billsA bummer like I may not, perhaps, be called a bummer at all, for in a little way I am earning while not having a formal employment, and just yesterday I received as cash some of the earnings my blog has generated since it started taking money-making opportunities, and that was late October, although my blog was born in September.

As a fresh graduate of Nursing (still waiting for the licensure exam result) I have not had any job for the moment and had only one card which I supposed would be accepted by PayPal to verify my account there for me to receive the earnings paid to me by sites like SponsoredReviews, PayPerPost, Smorty, etc. It was an eBiz debit card, and it had a Visa logo in it, only ChinaTrust, its provider, didn't allow any international online transaction like that of PayPal. My earnings, mostly from SR, started to accumulate in my PayPal account and because I still have not verified my PayPal account, they were sent back to the payee after 30 days of having not been accepted.

But came my friend, my kuya in blogging world, Makoy to the rescue. He agreed to direct my earnings to his PayPal and that when time comes I would need the money, he will just send it to me. And he did, just yesterday. It amounted $233.99, and with the ForEx rate of 41.28 pesos per dollar it is 9,655.392 in pesos. The only sad thing is that as I told Kuya Makoy to send it to me thru Western Union, it was deducted PhP 640 as service charge (of the bracket PhP7,000 – PhP10,000), and he also asked for Php150 for himself, so what I received was reduced to PhP 8,860. Well not bad, is it? At least I have something for the New Year and I am looking forward to receiving my other earnings in a couple of days, I am not sure. Happy New Year to me, to you and to my blog!

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VeRTiTO said...


Paulo Martirez said...

Wow! Congrats... Try to get a unionbank eon visa electron card so that you can easily withdraw your money from paypal. I am currently using it to get my sites earnings.

eam said...

Congrats! That's a great way way to start off your new year! :-)

Avee said...

hi there, you can now use your paypal account to put your blog earnings in your PI bank account. It's a new paypal feature. Hope that helps!

When we send money to PI we dont us WU too expensive, we use xoom.

Avee said...

by the way if you want to visit my blog here it is:
so far I have 180+ dollars in just 2 weeks.

Zang said...

i have my Eon card last january 31st already, and i still have to wait for 10 days till i can finally withdraw my current earnings.

jaypee hospital said...

Thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.

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