My Consoling Asylum's End-of-year Report

It's the end of the year 2007, and it is time I evaluate my blog's progress, if there were any. Well, there has been much of a progress, and I am glad about that, at least my blogging didn't go in vain.

Blog's name: My Consoling Asylum
Birthdate: September 4, 2007
Author: see under every post title, silly!
Author status: single, but that's not it. Novice blogger, that's it!
Age to date: 118 days
No. of posts to date: 183
Highest number of subscribers attained: 32 :(
Topsite Ranks: see under Support by voting in the sidebar
Technorati Authority to date: 80 (link me up to increase this, k? I'll link you up too)
Pageviews to date: 6,125 and counting (counting stops on 31.12.07 at 11:59 my time)
Google PR: 0 (no, that's not an egg, it's ZERO)
Alexa Rank: 735,259
3 mos. Alexa Rank change: increased from Rank 4,405,401 (whew! what an improvement)
Template/layout change frequency: four (4) times, and will change this template again tonight

  • Sponsored Reviews - $153.40

  • PayPerPost - $65.10
  • Smorty - $24.00
  • AuctionAds - $25.00 upon sign-up (non-redeemable until $50)
  • Bidvertiser - $20 on sign-up + $0.37 (non-redeemable until $25 0r $50, not sure)
  • InboxDollars - $5 (non-redeemable until I don't know what amount, basically I don't care about this non-redeemables. Just doing a count for report purposes)
  • Google AdSense - banned, but for a milder tone, disabled (don't tell your friends to click on your ads, lest they might over-click)
  • WidgetBucks - $0.40 (WTF!)
  • Advertlets - RM (Malaysain Rupiah?) 4.702 (I'm not adding this up, I only count $$$)
  • Won contest prize - $100
  • Total - $393.27
  • Received/encashed as yet - $233.90

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idealpinkrose said...

hi! thanks for paying me a visit! sure! just add your link to my linker...


idealpinkrose said...'s the link, allinkorea

idealpinkrose said...

done...linked you up, too! thanks a lot!

happy new year!

Jennie said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

RM - stands for Ringgit Malaysia hehe

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