My 7-and-a-half-hour Honeymoon

The last time I had laid my hands (and pierced my eyes) on a book from cover to cover was a month after the release of J.K Rowling's latest, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and from then on were only on few pages of my Nursing books, as preparation for my licensure exam then.

If I had fed my senses—taste, smell, vision and hearing—on the runnings of Christmas days, I had thought I needed a little re-feeding to some of them, though this time no more the hearing, and that was through a book, as I have promised to myself that whenever I am done with my big exam I would consume my free time reading a good book or two, if not to blog.

honeymoon, james patterson, howard roughanSo came my Honeymoon”, mastered by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. I borrowed it from my cousin when I thought I needed to supply my mind a little bit more of words in prose. I commenced reading right away, at 4:30 PM and had finished the book at almost 12 MN (I've never done any book this fast). So that's how I said 7-and-a-half-hour in the title, and I am quite certain you've been tricked to thinking of a real honeymoon, which lovers do.

Honeymoon” is a wickedly sexy book, with suspense popping all over. Its twists and turns would really twist and turn you, the positive way. It speaks of sex appeal, and would really turn you on. Its detective pursuits are a two thumbs up, and the way the narrative runs I can say it really has taken up a notch.

The book is not a fat one, which makes it a good, untedious read, and the font size is not an eyesore, more like Harry Potter's. All in all, it's one excellent work of literature and I commend James Patterson's (and also Howard Roughan's) magnificent talent. This book is worth the share.

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