Mummified dinosaur may have outrun T Rex

dinosaur, hadrosaurSo there's a new discovery of a certain dinosaur? Looks like there have been a lot of dinosaur types before we exist. Equipped with modern technology, supposing we humans and dinosaur co-exist, who do you think would reign the land? Okay, enough of that curious question, read on the news:

Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON - One of the most complete dinosaur mummies ever found is revealing secrets locked away for millions of years, bringing researchers as close as they will ever get to touching a live dino.

The fossilized duckbilled hadrosaur is so well preserved that scientists have been able to calculate its muscle mass and learn that it was more muscular than thought, probably giving it the ability to outrun predators such as T. rex.

While they call it a mummy, the dinosaur is not really preserved like King Tut was. The dinosaur body has been fossilized into stone. Unlike the collections of bones found in museums, this hadrosaur came complete with skin, ligaments, tendons and possibly some internal organs, according to researchers.

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