Mr. Lee Mengwei's Maternity: A Closer Look at Male Pregnancy

male pregnancy, mr. lee mengwei, pregnant male, pregnant gay, gay pregnancyPardon me for the term maternity (this might offend the people who undergo the real maternity) but I was just totally appalled when I was lead by a gay humor blog, Las Tres Estrellas, to a site that definitely would shock everyone. I didn't know men can become pregnant until I got to it.

male pregnancy, mr. lee mengwei, pregnant male, pregnant gay, gay showcases the miracle that a man can indeed have a child on his womb by way of modern science and technology. This first male pregnancy study is conducted primarily by RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center with Mr. Lee Mengwei as the human subject and as it is still in the experimental stage they are not accepting new patients for the procedure, in case this got you by interest and would want to be another subject.

male pregnancy, mr. lee mengwei, pregnant male, pregnant gay, gay pregnancyOral doses of female hormones were administered to Mr. Lee to make him receptive of the pregnancy and to induce an ectopic pregnancy, in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques were used. In this way the embryo and placenta were implanted into the abdominal cavity, just under the peritoneum, the surrounding lining. When implantation was complete, Mr. Lee stopped taking the hormones as the embryo itself will provide sufficient hormones needed to maintain its growth and development inside.

So far, the pregnancy has been surprisingly normal, with real-time ultrasound scanning running on the website. As Mr. Lee has no internal passageway for the baby at birth, a Cesarean section will be done to deliver the baby.

For more of this weird science, visit their website.

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Anonymous said...

actually, the whole thing is fictitous and biologically impossible. but an interesting thought, isn't it??

Zang said...

i didn't know it's fictitious. is it really? but the way the website presents it it's convincing, and how come they would do that kind of presentation if it's totally fictitious? it can be, but it also can be true.

Anonymous said...

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