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It is said that one is good; two is better, but it is also said that a whole lot bunched into one is far better, as confirmed by a Tagalog adage that says, “Mas malakas (o matibay) ang walis kapag nakabigkis”.

The MindanaoBloggers.com strongly believes in such an exalting maxim, thus uniting the earnest bloggers of the Land of Promise, Mindanao, to promote solidarity, camaraderie, peace and a welcoming atmosphere of belongingness in the ever expanding and dynamic world of blogging.

In this particular site, each and every blog is systematically categorized according to the blog author's place, whether by hometown or origin, or the recent topographic point of stay, whichever the blog owner heartily chooses. Even the non-Mindanaoan bloggers can park their domains in the directory as long as they possess love, adoration and a substantial amount of regard for the Mindanaoan land, the home of the mighty and the free in the south. The directory is divided orderly into regions of Mindanao—Region IX, X, XI, XII, XIII and ARMM—and these are further subdivided into provinces to provide blog hoppers the ease and comfort when navigating the site, and one directory listing is even dedicated for those non-Mindanaoans who love the island.

But MindanaoBloggers.com does not merely list blog domains from the Land of Promise in its interior as it also provides bloggers some exposure by featuring blogs and their authors who are worthy of note. It has also provided Mindanao bloggers an opportunity to improve and maximize their blogging pursuits, and also the chance to get interactive with co-Mindanao bloggers in person, by hosting the first ever Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 27, 2007 at Mindanao's key and crowning glory city and the Philippines biggest and world's largest (in terms of area), Davao City. And as if those weren't enough, this site of friendship and bonding also increases its blogger to blogger awareness by procuring a contest that lets a blogger review a Mindanaoan blog or two other than his own. This is a yet another first by MindanaoBloggers.

If there is one dedicated site to be hailed for its creativity, commitment, passion and love for the Mindanao island, it is going to be MindanaoBloggers.com. I am so glad I belong...

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Mindanao Bloggers said...

Well, nobody said you couldn't review the MindanaoBloggers.com site itself, so this is good! :)

Thank you for your entry. It is now included in the roster @ www.mindanaobloggers.com/events/review-a-blog/entries

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