I Won $100!

It's nearing Christmas, and what a way to celebrate it more happily than winning a review-a-blog contest. Yes, I won $100 as the second prize to MindanaoBloggers.com's You-Got-Blogged contest. Thank you, Lord, and thanks to the organizers of MindanaoBloggers for this contest. This will surely make my Christmas any happier.

Although I sent three entries for the said contest (Enviably Amusing, Mandaya Moore-Orlis: Blogged Beyond Humor, and MindanaoBloggers.com: Uniting Bloggers of the Land of Promise) only one per person can be chosen to win, and the entry that won me this contest in the second place is Mandaya Moore-Orlis: Blogged Beyond Humor.

I really am grateful and glad for having won in this contest, only that there is some technicalities with the contest. In the contest's list of rules the number of words required, as clearly highlighted there, is from 300-400 words and the entry that won the first prize is 66 words more than the maximum requirement. It saddens me knowing that I have been too keen with my number of words when I joined the contest and only to know it was not at all strictly implemented. In fact it was even the thing that drove me to join as most of the contest entries there did not follow that particular instruction. Hmm... I could have gotten $50 more for the taking. Anyway, it's Christmas time and I respect the jurors' decisions. After all, I also like the first prize winner's entry. It spoke well of its reviewed blog.

This is another blog earning for me. Now I love blogging more! And if you're from Mindanao or love the Mindanaoan soil, then please join MindanaoBloggers now and be listed in their directory.

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Black_Mamba said...

Wow congrats Sis.

Merry Christmas na rin :)

Black_Mamba said...

Sensya na nga pala, ngayon lang ako uli nakapag ikot ikot, naiayos ko na nga pala uli blogroll ko. Ingat na lang. Musta nga pala resulta ng exams mo???

Joan Joyce said...

congrats :) meri xmas too :D

Eric said...

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Congratz pala ha..thats truly a christmas blessing for winning the prize..you deserve it bro.We can ex link if you want to....

masterofthe said...

Congrats! I never knew this happened at all. I would've joined too if I knew. could be another exciting contest for me.

BTW, I have an entry to the Marhgil Macuha contest and yo ucan vie it here ... Marhgil Macuha Contest

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