How to get raped this Christmas (and any time of the year)

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Yes, it's Christmas time, and no, I am not encouraging anyone of you to get raped at this wonderful time of the year, or at any possible time. Nonetheless if you are that zany to get laid down and your body be abused then venture at your own risk and prepare for the untoward consequences.

  • Get drunk, really drunk. You will lose self-control and become weak.

  • Don't eat too much; you may vomit them and destroy the rape moment.

  • Have a special time alone in your flat, dorm, or room and invite someone promiscuous to spend the night with.

  • Never lock your doors and don't resist the coming of the possible rapist.

  • Flirt with your neighbors after Noche Buena.

  • Never fight back when on the process of rape; forget all your self-defense lessons but never forget about the condoms.

  • Always wear provocative and seductive clothings.

  • Strut your stuff.

  • If there's a suspicious person, forget that suspicion. Revel in the moment.

  • Do not shout for help.

  • Kiss with your untrustworthy lover in an unsecured, secluded and dark area where you know not anyone else is around.

  • Forget about vigilance. Be loose on it.

  • Just let anyone take advantage of you.

There you have the simple yet sure-fire secrets to getting raped, if you fancy being done. Try them to spark the unthinkable... if you're that silly, that is.

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Tyciol said...

Are you really encouraging eating until you're on the verge of vomiting as a defense against rape?

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