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If you thought Blogrush was the greatest thing that happened when it comes to giving your site a good deal of exposure, think twice. And if you imagined what a great amount it would take you to advertise your own blog in others' blogs, think again. And if you had planned of getting Google Adwords to build traffic for your site, I am telling you to discard the plan.

Why would you risk your bucks for something that you are not sure of when there is one amazing site that lets you advertise your blog for free, using only card points, while guaranteeing you a marvelous exposure to your blog? Here comes Entrecard, a social blog campaign website that lets you advertise your own blog to other blogs who are members of their site.

How is it done?
It's easy, you only have to install on your site Entrecard's advertising tool (you can find it on my sidebar, under Recommended, the one with a golden yellow base with the words "drop yours"). Of course that is when you have already signed up.

And then what?
Co-Entrecarders can drop their cards when they bloghop on your site. Similarly, you can do the same when you visit their blogs, and you earn a credit (point) for that, which you will need to advertise on their blogs should you wish to.

How do I advertise my blog?
Get on the campaign in Entrecard's site and choose from whichever blogs (categorized) you want to advertise your blog to. Some blogs require several points for you to be able to advertise on their blog, and some blogs require only lesser points or credits, it really depends. Your blog's 125x125 button will appear on their site's Entrecard's advert tool on an assigned day (good only for 24 hours, and you need to re-advertise there if you want). Likewise, they can advertise on your blog on a specified day. You need to approve first their request for advert on your page on Entrecard's dashboard.

Will I get a good amount of traffic?
Yes, you will. As those bloggers who are aware of this and are members of Entrecard will be hopping from blog to blog to drop their card to increase their points or credits, your blog will get a large amount of traffic.

Join Entrecard now and perk up your traffic ranking!
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