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I started moving into Davao City when September of this year neared to its ending, primarily because of the extensive review in preparation for the Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE).

Finding a probable dormitory was never a difficult task, as two of my friends had already canvassed the place. The only problem was that there had been a seemingly lack of available room. The good thing, however, was that the second floor which supposedly for office purposes was given to us to live in one of the rooms there for two months. And we, seven boys and girls, had to stay in one room; it was a large, well-ventilated one anyway.

But two months came too soon, that in the blink of an eye we found ourselves taking the NLE and one by one leaving the dormitory to go back to our respective homes. Surely we will be missing one another, the highs and lows in our dormitory lives living in one roof, one room.

Here goes Room 202's inhabitants:

marc ernest biala, filipino gayMARC ERNEST B. BIALA
Bed 1, Bottom Bunk
Highs: intelligent, with good study habits; charming; fashionista; super-friendly; jolly; humorous
Lows: histrionic; tends to confabulate; very loud (literally); so emotional; has peculiar ways of wearing his pyjamas and brief (although he says it was on purpose); hilariously overanalyzes test questions at times; with bed mattress stinking; vain; expensive
Notable achievement: our Magna Cum Laude and batch Valedictorian
Unique Tags:
Bayot na Bungol” (“Deaf Gay”); “Insecure”

alexis braganzaALEXIS G. BRAGANZA
Placement: Bed 1, Top Bunk
Highs: highly intellectual, also with good study habits; silent; achiever; gets the highest scores in review tests most of the time; simple; gives way to us all
Lows: beddings also stinking (haha); chews food in the front teeth; still not in good terms with Joyce; borrows personal belongings from Marc (shirts, shoes, etc.); judgmental (
hinawayon, mapuna); argumentative when it comes to discussions of answers
Notable achievement: Ayala Young Leaders Congress '06 finalist; with highest average grade on our batch although he only landed Cum Laude
Unique Tag:
Pamugasay” (over-studious)

marie joyce magalonaMARIE JOYCE D. MAGALONA
Bed 2, Bottom Bunk
Highs: thoughtful; smart; humorous; a run-to counselor; sensitive; homemaker; helpful
Lows: loudly noisy; voracious eater; hater; tends to shout most of the time (she says it's her normal); verbal bully; still not in good terms with Alex; with numerous enemies; grouchy; hostile at times
Notable achievement: always at the top 1 spot during our end-of-year comprehensive exams in 3rd and 4th year in college
Unique Tags: “Mother
Yawa” (Mother Evil); “Dissociative Fugue”; “Nervosa, Undifferentiated”

tessa mae lonzagaTESSA MAE O. LONZAGA
Bed 3, Bottom Bunk
Highs: friendly; warm and caring (motherly); jolly: smart; sensitive; thoughtful; helpful; understanding; homemaker
Lows: over-sensitive at times; emotional; lax in studies; carefree; always compares herself as intellectually inferior to others
Notable achievement: with highest score on our first pre-board exam in our section; Miss Intramural '06 2nd runner-up
Unique Tag: “Stunningly Beautiful” (as told to her by a foreign stranger,
"Has anybody ever told you you're stunningly beautiful?")

zyra reyZYRA M. REY
Placement: Bed 3, Top Bunk
Highs: intelligent and smart; financially willing to help; simple; respectful; silent
Lows: flirt; doesn't fight for what she believes in at times (passive) with friends; doesn't know how to ask material things from parents; immunocompromised; doesn't eat in cheap fastfoods
Notable achievement: Miss Intramural '06; Section H (St. Louis Review Center- Davao) highest pre-board over-all rating (84.38%)
Unique Tags:
“Bedsheet na Igat” (Flirt Bedsheet), bedsheet because she looks so flat like bedsheet when sleeping, as if she weren't there at all; “NGT –
Nurse Gamay Totoy” (Nurse with small breasts)

gretchen panulinGRETCHEN S. PANULIN
Placement: Bed 4, Bottom Bunk
Highs: intelligent; simple; jolly; studious; punchliner; demure
Lows: silent; so engrossed with her reading most of the time she can't be disturbed; weird; lotus feet; passively lets everyone makes her bed the hanging place for clothes, towels, etc.; has a world of her own sometimes
Notable achievement: Cum Laude, Miss Intramural '05 1st
Unique Tag: “Autistic” runner-up.

So there you have the list of my roommates, with their unique characteristics and peculiarities. And before I end this post, here is our official game, which apparently had been the focus of our free time since installed in Marc's laptop to catch up with the current top scores rather than reading our Nursing books we have at the room:


chuzzle deluxe

You gotta try this game! This is chock full of little, cute, googly-eyed balls of fur that pops when placed to balls of same color (three or more) .

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interesting daily blgo entries.

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