Cracking pistachio nuts

pistachio nutsThis week has been a very boring one for me; I am so unproductive, and I kind of feel guilty about it. I wanted to go out; alas, I don't have the money, and I have to refrain from asking too often from my family, as I know they have spent a lot for me during my reviews for the Nurse Licensure Exam. I am out of school already and there is not a scholarship anymore to grant me allowances monthly. Too bad. So you can just imagine I am reduced to a typical bummer's life, which includes eating, watching TV, eating, sleeping, and eating are just some of those usual, boring activities. And did I say eating? Oh yes, I must fatten up a bit as most of my acquaintances say I have thinned much since I had my reviews and lived away from the hometown. I am just confused as some would say I have looked a little stuffed. They really have opposing observations. Whatever! I daresay I still am the same, still within the range of my normal weight. Or have I looked that old and ugly to be showing many changes in me? I hope not.

Okay, so for this week, I have been enjoying cracking these nuts that are not common here in the Philippines, which I love so much by taste -- pistachio nuts. My brother's girlfriend has her sister who lived in the US and as she just went back home she had for my brother pasalubongs, and those include those pistachio nuts (again). I always love these nuts, and thought I'd searched the internet for its nutritional value.

Dick Willens of EUFIC says:
The pistachio and others kinds of tree nuts and peanuts (except the coconut) are very healthy snacks and a regular intake is recommended. The daily serving should be about a handful. Though they have a pretty high fat content, they have additional effect on health, caused by the high content on unsaturated fatty acids.

For some time scientists around the world have been studying the effects on health of eating nuts. The medical and scientific studies undertaken conclude that, thanks to the exceptional nutritional profile which they have, the regular consumption of nuts gives protection against certain types of cancer, helps to control cholesterol levels, and reduces the mortality caused by cardiovascular disease. The pistachio has a delicious flavor and a high nutritious value, being very rich in proteins and vitamins.

Here's what AboutNuts has to say:
Pistachios are a good source of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a mineral that is present in our body and in food in the shape of phosphate. Together with calcium, phosphate provides strength to bones and teeth. Phosphate also plays a role with regard to energy metabolism and various enzyme processes in our body.
In fairness, these nuts taste really, really good your cracking won't go in vain. And they are nutritious, too...

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