Christmas, not Xmas

merry christmasI got totally curious and surprised when I opened my mailbox today by an email subject that said, It Isn't Xmas, but Christmas. And because I was that curious it was the one that I actually opened first among the long list of my emails.

The email was from my subscription in AllFunPages. I was totally touched when I visited the link. It's true, sometimes we substitute Xmas for Christmas. There was even one post here in my blog that I used the former instead of the original (latter). In today's modern world we tend to be choosing the shortcuts, the abbreviations, the contractions, the slangs, the easiest and most convenient words we can have, replacing the originals; we are always fast-paced and busy. We forget to slow down at times. And it's time, I guess, we slowed down. Read this poem about Christmas, and I'll assure you you too will feel guilty, that's if you've been using Xmas instead of Christmas.

It Isn't Xmas, but Christmas
by Cathy

It isn't Xmas, but Christmas
For that's the day Christ came.
When you take Christ out of Christmas
You cross out life's best name.

I wonder why they cross out Christ,
The best that God could give.
I wonder why they've forgotten.
That we for Him should live.

Why take Christ's name out of Christmas?
For He came to set us free.
If we had Christmas without Christ
How hopeless we would be.

Why, is it ~ that they cross out Christ,
The greatest gift of all?
Why, is it ~ that nobody cares
Or listens to His call?

To me ~ X stand for nothing,
Then why, cross His name out?
To me ~ Christ means everything
He took away my doubt.

I'll never try to shame my Lord,
I'll keep His name in place;
Then when life here below is over,
I'll see Him face to face.

Love and serve Him this year.
It isn't Xmas but it's Christmas,
Ring it out, loud and clear.

To Cathy of AllFunPages, whoever you are, this one's a very nice poem. Thank you for writing this one and have a Happy Christmas!

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