Battling Insomnia with 41 Simple Steps

Six hours lying in bed, tossing and turning, and still not getting into sleep...

insomnia, difficulty sleeping, anxious, anxietyThat's what exactly was last night, and even I already know that I've been insomniac many days ago, I have not had experienced very long hours like that, only lying and not falling into slumber.

Yesterday I went to sleep at afternoon after I went online. I was tired to a significant degree and had woken up as twilight fell at around 6:15 PM, had my supper and went back online again, updating my blog, reading some other's blogs, surfing, enjoying. I logged off 10:15 and went into bed after half an hour. I had so much trouble getting into sleep; my mind swirled with many thoughts: result of Nursing Licensure Exam, blog, plans about the future, and a lot more. I stood up and turned on the radio and tuned into a station with mellow songs, and instead of lullabying me into sleep I just got carried away and sang with the tune.

But I didn't notice I was slowly falling into sleep... but had not got here as my sister came home around 2 AM, and I was awoken by the sound of their conversation with my mom, and as my sister had our (hers and mine, as I lost mine months ago) phone with her she told me when she knew I was awake that the call center agent, which I sent my resume onto during the afternoon online, sent a message for my scheduled interview, saying it will be on tomorrow at 10 AM. Grr.. I just went more anxious and had therefore only fallen asleep by 4:30 AM.

Insomnia. Insomnia. Insomnia. How do I alleviate you, if not totally get rid of you? For you out there who are insomniacs too, you might want to try these tips as follow. I will try some of these tonight...

41 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep

1. See a doctor
2. Take a warm bath
3. Get a massage
4. Listen to music
5. Drink warm milk
6. Drink herb tea
7. Eat a bedtime snack
8. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco
9. Sleep in a well-ventilated room
10. Sleep on a good firm bed
11. Sleep on your back
12. Get some physical exercise during the day
13. Keep regular bedtime hours
14. If you can't sleep, get up
15. Don't sleep in
16. Get up earlier in the morning
17. Keep your bed a place for sleep
18. Avoid naps
19. Avoid illuminated bedroom clocks
20. Counting sheep
21. Sleep with your head facing north
22. Don't watch TV or read before going to bed
23. Toe wiggling
24. Stomach rub
25. Progressive relaxation
26. Deep breathing
27. Visualize something peaceful
28. Visualize something boring
29. Imagine it's time to get up
30. Quiet ears
31. Not thinking
32. Smoke yourself to sleep
33. Yawning
34. Sex—alone or with others
35. Backwards counting / mental computer
36. South, not north
37. Earplugs
38. Secure place
39. Bedtime routine
40. Hot water bottle
41. Green cows—and other animals of color

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Arstan said...

I think the best way to get asleep is to get tired.

Anonymous said...

After doing lots of research I realized that many sleeping problems like insomnia are caused by psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. In other words it's "in your head".
Insomnia is not a disease - it is a symptom. It is the body's way of saying that something isn't right. You have to find what is causing insomnia in your particular case.

This insomnia cure website explains many things in detail, giving you a better understanding of how to deal with sleep problems. I have found it useful - hope it works for you as well.

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