7 reasons why you should blog (or keep blogging if you already have one)

Blogging has become an integral part of my life since I started doing it in September; in fact; a quarter (at minimum) of my day is spent to it and can even go for as long as ten hours straight in a day just posting, blog hopping, searching money-making opportunities online, optimizing search engine visibility and improving the look of my blog. I may have been a blog addict already, and contrary to the immortal maxim that says “too much of something is bad” I daresay that this is a good one.

So why do I say good? It's simple. Blogging has these following advantages.

diary1. Online Diary. When you think no one's up to listen to you, you can write your thoughts into words and once you post them, a flock of readers will pore on it, provided it is a good read. You can write your everyday story and have readers comment on it.

treasure chest2. Treasure Chest. Your posts are your online treasure, and your archive is the chest. You will be delighted at the end of the day that over time you have piled up a good amount of articles which you can compile into a book.

happy3. Self-accomplishment. Nothing beats the joy that blogging gives to someone. Self-accomplishment is the highest form of reward you can give to yourself and blogging can do that after you have done a very good article.

friendship4. Friendship Binder. Blogging fosters friendship online, as you get to interact with your co-bloggers. You can ask them for technical help and likewise you can help those who need it. There are a million of bloggers and more, and every day several blogs just keep on sprouting. In a year's time, you can have your own circle of friends online and perhaps arrange a meeting with them in person.

writing5. Leisure and Recreation. If you think you're bored with you routinely lifestyle, blogging can be your break; it can divert your attention by posting significant posts or read other bloggers' posts. When you write, you sharpen your mind while at the same time having a form of recreation.

brain6. Information. When you blog, you give information and entertain others. Likewise, you get informed and entertained by other blogs. Whatever you fancy—whether knowing what's the latest trend in fashion and technology or getting the latest scoop of celebrity gossips—you can visit several niche or general blogs.

money7. Money. Blogging is another way to make money. You can do it as your sideline, or even mainline. There are those bloggers whose blogs earn more than their regular jobs that they quit it and focus on blogging instead. In blogging, you are your own boss and you can work anywhere you like as long as you're connected on the internet. Equipped with necessary money-making tools, your blog can drive you a great deal of revenue over time.

Engage into blogging now while it's not too late and feel the joy in doing it. And if you already have one and have deserted it then think twice. It's just about writing and posting anyway—simple, very easy way to make your life a little perked up.

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what you listed are true

geri a.k.a. raredog said...

my only regrets is that I was hook to blogging only last year - http://www.websaytko.com

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