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backlinks followedI just have learned yesterday how this thing works, mainly through Blogger for Dummies. Backlinks, which Blogger has, enables tracking of other web pages that link to your posts. It said that if someone else posts on a topic similar to yours and links back to them then your post will automatically show a link to the other post. These links will be shown under the posts with the title "Links to this post" next to comments link. Clicking on that takes you to the page where all the backlinks are shown under the post and the comments.

Google will index that post linked to your blog post. This link, however, has the no-follow tag on it, meaning Googlebot will not follow that link back to the originating post and index it. But you can do something about this to get the originating post link-loved, thereby increasing this post page's indexing. Learn more by clicking here. This will help a lot to get your page indexed more which will further increase your page's ability to be immediately found in Google search engine, thereby increasing your traffic and popularity.

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