Tips to Effective Cheating

classroom cheatingWe get bored at times when it comes to our scholastic lives and although I have already graduated from college I still can remember how schooling used to be so tedious most of the time, stressful and requires a lot of patience and sincere perseverance. And at times we get irked by our professors’ lifeless discussions and objectionable style of throwing a quiz or exam. So it’s time we strike back, by way of cheating. It pays to be a little bad sometimes. So read on to cheat successfully.

1. Strategize your placement. Sit where cheating isn’t likely to be suspected. Have the first front row or the next one. You don’t want your teacher to be looking at your place very frequently.

2. Sit beside a friend whom you know has a firm grasp on the subject quizzed. I used to sit in between or beside my co-honor students, and it really makes the test results even higher. Ha ha.

3. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Yellow (or orange) fruits and vegetables, as well as green, leafy veggies, are the good sources of this. You have to invest in your eyesight as this will come very handy. With a very good eyesight as mine, amazingly you can even look clearly at an answer sheet that’s two seats (starting from the immediate seatmate) away.

4. Refrain from inventing codes, sign languages and verbal ticks (one tsk for A, two for B…). They are so yesterday and are often ineffective. And they’re a waste of time and effort too. Stop making believed-to-be clandestine techniques either, like poking your friend for the answer or kicking their seats. These are unruly.

5. Be vigilant of your teacher’s eyes. The best time to look at your seatmate’s answer is the time when your teacher reads the questions. If on exams, just be vigilant still. Sneakily peek at the teacher’s table and pretend that you are having hard time thinking for the answer before glancing at your seatmate’s paper. This way you can know teacher is surveying you or not.

6. Do not cover your paper. Cover it only to act as if you were really guarding it as your teacher’s eyes rove on you and your classmates.

7. Do not make or bring cheating paraphernalia, like writing in your palms or in a crib sheets (cheat sheets), for heaven’s sake! Like #4, they are old school’s way of cheating. You do not want to have a strong evidence against you.

8. Act natural. Be confident. Do not look as if you’re nervous and overly cautious of your teacher’s stare, or else he will get a hint that something suspicious is going on with you.

9. Write legibly. What you sow, you reap. If you have a very bad penmanship and no seatmate of yours can actually read it from the usual test-taking distance you will end up not getting any answer from him in return.

10. Study yourself. Don’t be too dependent of your seatmates’ answers. Cheating is a two-way process; you receive what you give. Cheat only for things that you forgot or really had not known and not entirely what your cheat mate answered. It is much better to take a glance at someone’s answer only to verify if you answered correctly when in doubt.

So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming the greatest expert cheater in class. Remember that cheating, evil as it is, comes to being good only when it is used against another evil, and this includes a very severe professor with the strangest, stupidest way of giving tests, ways that are so out of this world and do not foster learning. Just bear in mind that cheating is an anagram of teaching, so when there is a bad teach, there’s got to be a bad cheat. Makes sense?

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Serena said...

Wah...eating foods rich in Vitamin A is considered a cheating tip? :D

By the way, I am no longer a student but a teacher instead. Private tuition teacher, so I will look for the "signs" of my students from now on. :D


penile implant said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma said...

Amazing amount of great, actionable advice. I will keep coming back to this for a while to try and implement many of these! Thanks!

Urology Surgery in India said...

Great post and thanks for sharing....

Health and Wellness Blog India said...

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

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