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Hear ye! Hear ye! I have a good news to all Filipino bloggers. I have received an email today from Advertlets inviting Filipinos to join their money-making site. Advertlets is a blog advertising network for Asians, with pioneering countries as Malaysia and Singapore, and which recently have built interest from Pinoy advertisers. They've launched just eight months ago and although they haven't officially launched in the Philippines yet, time will come that they'll do in the soonest time possible. They fervently hope to have around 500 - 1000 Filipino bloggers when they will do the launching, and as of this date there have only been around 150 who are members of their site, including I, and that qualifies me to receive a special bonus from them. And you too can, when you join now, as the special bonus will be given to the first 1000 Filipino bloggers who have signed up early (I am batting my lashes).

Advertlets have an estimated 10,000 blogger members and have secured blog advertisers as Starbucks, Honda, EMI Music, TV networks, local magazines, mobile content brands and a whole lot more. In Malaysia they even have monthly contests, with prizes ranging from iPod Shuffles, free movie tickets, holiday getaways, free music and CD's and more. Their top bloggers even can earn up to RM1000/month, or around PhP12,000. Nice, right? And if there will be more bloggers who will signed up to them, sponsored post opportunities is projected to come within 1 and a half months.

Join now (click here) and be the among the first 1,000 Filipino bloggers who signed up to receive the special bonus.

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