The Rainy Days Are... Over?

rain, umbrellaWell, perhaps some of my “rainy” days have been over, and I'm up to facing what are left, but the weather hasn't been so kind lately. Literally, the rainy days are on again. Of course, it's nearing December and in some parts of the world the winter has already started, bringing us here the chill of Christmas. Oh how I look forward to the “holidays”.

But oops, there is still one great storm that I have to face and surpass—the Nurse Licensure Exam. It's thirteen days more until that dreaded licensure exam. Time passes really fast, really! Or is it just because I just put to waste the times that supposedly were to be utilized to study the very vast scope of Nursing? Whatever. I'm not feeling guilty, anyway. I have to enjoy while I am alive, too bad the weather is such a wet blanket. I really hate it when it rains as I cannot do the things I usually do, like go outside, have some fun with a friend or two, taking a walk at night, grr... I just hate it! One thing more, I was being reprimanded by my sister for obliviously leaving her two umbrellas now in two different internet cafes. Shame on me.

And as if those weren't enough, the rain I am sure will cause me a great time going back to Davao tomorrow. I still am thinking how will I take with me my clothes if almost all of them hadn't been sun-dried? They're still damp, and it really would be awkward to be packing them up that damp. Since I got back here in my hometown Friday night I immediately had my clothes laundered but up to now they still aren't dry enough to be called “okay”.

So now I'm singing rain, rain, go away. Come again another day, when my clothes have all dried up...

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