The Nurse Licensure Examinee's Pledge

By: Caesar G. Balatero

(Derived from
The Florence Nightingale Pledge by Lystra Gretter)

nurse cap
I solemnly and sincerely pledge my humble self before God the Almighty and amidst this concerned assembly to dedicate my life in purity, preserve my integrity, uphold my dignity, love my profession sufficiently and to practice it faithfully, shall I be licensed. I will at all times abstain from whatever is deleterious, mischievous and promiscuous, and will not engage in any form of immorality. I will do all in my surging power to study my profession religiously and enhance the knowledge my Alma Mater has inculcated to me. I promise to diligently delve deeper into the matters related to my calling. With loyalty I will endeavor to work closely, share my knowledge to and devote myself to the welfare of a helping community with my co-examinees. I heartfully promise not to be driven by the forces of any amount to omit my deliverance of care to those committed to me. I am aware that no forms of bribery and enticement shall lead me to abandoning the true nature of my vocation. So God, help me pass the board exam.

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