My Three Ultimate Prayers

Time really flutters away very fast. I only have five days to prepare myself for the dreaded Nurse Licensure Exam, which will be on 1st and 2nd day of December. Honestly, I don't feel so pressured, though I am definitely uncertain that I will still feel the same when it would be a day left until that examination of judgment. That gives me a shiver. I am now feeling a tinge of guilt as I have not committed myself to studying dedicatedly. Well I still do hope I will pass. I am just now living a life as close to normal as possible. I don't want to clutter my mind with a bombardment of additional information about Nursing, which is really vast in terms of scope.

I have chosen St. Jude as my patron, and has started the 9-day novena last November 22. I've been praying really hard and religiously for help. I know many people believe I will pass but human as I am I have weaknesses, which may hinder my passing. At least, I've recognized these weaknesses.

Yesterday while attended the mass, I was so moved by the gospel. It was about Christ being the King of the Jews. A king who, unlike what we know of kings today who use power and authority to enact laws and force and do not take happiness in or accept any weaknesses, does not abuse his power and instead remain humble, while accepting His own weaknesses and the people's. By the way, today is the Feast of Christ the King, which happens to be my hometown's patron, and too bad I cannot come home as I am having my Final Coaching in my review. I miss my family already...

My primary aim for posting this post as to actually request from my readers to include me in their prayers, especially to attain these three things as follows, which are what I have been praying for with St. Jude's aid:

1. Pass the board exam. Every examinee wants to pass the licensure exam of course. Who would want to fail anyway? Every nurse graduate wants to be a Registered Nurse in the soonest time possible.

2. Have an average that at least 80% or above. This average will be very vital for application in the hospitals. The higher your average, the greater the chance of being accepted when applying.

3. Top the board. Is that too much? I don't think so. It's better you aim high than be content of just passing the exam. When you desire for a higher wish, tendency if it will not be granted you'll end up to around close to it. At least. If not actually top it, I am happy of the thought that my friends will do. That will give me the same happiness, and glory for our school.

Please help me pray for these things. That would be the greatest give I can have for this Christmas, and I am thanking you all in advance...

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aryo said...

Ei!I can only afford exchanging links, not gifts. he he.

Good luck on your exams. Top it if you must. You have the same chances as the rest. If it's your destiny, you'll be where and what you wanna be.

Abad said...

Good luck sa exams. Kaya mo yan, you seem smart naman eh.

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

I hope you do well in your board exams! Good luck! :-)

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