My Last Will

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In line with the celebration of All Saint's Day and All Souls Day, it occured to me that what if I die at this moment? How would my family and friends treat my dead body? How would they know what I would like for a last will, as to what they will do with me and my left belongings?

So I had attempted (yes, attempted) to draw primarily how the wake and my burial would be, in case my breathing will cease any time today. Forgive me but it is the best that I can draw, so just follow suit.


1. I would not like to be cremated. I would like for my body not to lie but to sit in an elegant chair like that of a king's thrown. My palms would be drawn together calmly on my lap, and even if I had succumbed to rigor mortis please tell the funeral parlor to make it look as if it were smiling.

2. My coffin shall be made of glass--front, back, sides, all glass. Its edges should be lined with red roses only, complemented with leaflets and some things that are yellow green or green in color.

3. My hairstlye would be a very fabulous one, something that looks like shaggy on a side and cleaner on the other, as drawn above. It should be multi-colored. There should be a decorative painting on my face matched with glitters. The only make-up I would allow is a light lipstick, so I will not look like dead.

4. My dress code shall be black slacks, white long sleeve polo overcoated with a black vest. Or a tux will do. I should be wearing a black bow tie and a silver necklace with a C-shaped pendant. I request that I will not wear any brief, lest it might be so hot inside without air in the coffin. Of course the shoes shall complement my dress code, and remember to put black socks, for formality sake!

5. I would request that during my wake I will love to hear party songs--techno, dance, club music. It should be as loud as it can be. I want everyone to enjoy. Bring on in the drinks! That's no matter to me.

6. Every night of my wake I would request that a video presentation or a photo slideshow of my journey in life be played for the visitors. Who knows, they might be inspired by my story?

7. Before the first day of my wake, I would want that my poems and beginnings of my novels will be published so that each and every visitor shall be required not to drop any amount of donation but will read a poem or two in front of my coffin before they are allowed to feast in my deathday party.

8. Catering shall be from Red Ribbon, Goldilocks, Kopiroti, Julie's Bakeshop, Jollibee, Chowking and anything that the visitors like or requests (that's of course after they had done number 7).

9. I request that there'd be 4 hunky, handsome and sexy men every night to guard around my coffin and each night shall be different set of men. I also request that there'd be the ones who will carry my coffin on my burial.

10. On the day of my burial, I would want that there'd be a firecracker show and to better have this I'd like to have burial in the dead of the night and I shall be buried in an upright position as drawn. I'm afraid I can't breathe well if I were to lie on my back.
Only these are what I want be done when my time comes, and I cannot write here any testament that says my handing down of my valued possessions to specific persons as I have none anyway.
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