My 25 Wishes for Christmas


1. I wish the people wouldn’t look at me like I’m a piece of rubbish rollingchristmas wish, christmas balls, christmas tree along the streets, or study me from head to toes.
2. I wish my friends wouldn’t spite and ridicule me for who I am and who I cannot be.
3. I wish I didn’t have comedogenic genes.
4. I wish I didn’t give myself to someone.
5. I wish I were smarter and more diligent in studying.
6. I wish I had finished my novels and publish them.
7. I wish my memory was reformatted, leaving only the recognition to happy memories and wisdom.
8. I wish my family’s health would always be sound.
9. I wish I had a strong, monogamous relationship with a mature man.
10. I wish there would be a special man who understands and accepts both my sanity and insanity.
11. I wish I had more patience.
12. I wish I would pass the Nurse Licensure Exam with flying colors or a very good grade.
13. I wish I wouldn’t feel inferior most of the time, or insecure.
14. I wish my sister’s and brother’s lives would be more than successful.
15. I wish I had taken my family to a world trip.
16. I wish I were thriftier.
17. I wish I had a huge library.
18. I wish I had my own laptop so my blogging pursuit will be more perked up.
19. I wish I had a decent phone.
20. I wish I were never gay.


21. I wish for world peace to be constant.
22. I wish there would not be children who die of hunger.
23. I wish the cure for AIDS would not be discovered so people won’t have a reason for sexual promiscuity.
24. I wish the people would be more caring of the environment.
25. I wish fairness and equality would be more fortified.

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