A Lucky Day

clover, lucky clover, four-leaf cloverI thought 13 is a lucky number, but I think 16 is luckier. There have been many things that I should celebrate for today, and must thank God for them. Mock board exam's over, and so far I have good grades, with scores that almost always scratched nearly at the highest, with one that seemingly was the highest, or at least in all of us friends I got the highest in that one. We had started the Mock Board exam--a series of tests that were actually the previous Nursing board exam questions last June 2007--by Wednesday with three exams namely Nursing Practice I (Foundation of Nursing), II (Community Health Nursing and Maternal and Child Care Nursing) and III (Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations [Part A]) and had two more this day, the Part B and C, or the Nursing Practice IV and V. Although our review center, St. Louis, already has machine checker, we hadn't been able to assess how well we did for today's exams. Perhaps by tomorrow or the next day we will know... Anyway, here were my scores for NP I, II and III respectively: 72/100, 74/100 and 74/100. Although these scores do not fall within my standards, I still should be thankful as these are already high scores, and that's only raw scores; they still have to be transmutated and by these scores alone I got a total of 86.67%. I hope my two other exams will be of good scores, too. I will post them again here once all our scores have been computed...

Today I am feeling lucky as I am with my family again; I'm back in my hometown. Yehey! But by Tuesday, or before that, I will go back again to Davao for the Final Coaching. Geez.. the Nursing Licensure Exam is already nearing, that's December 1 and 2. It's 14 days more to go, or 2 weeks! Must do my best at that...

When I checked my email tonight, I've seen surprising email subjects. There was one saying "an advertiser has accepted my bid", that's in SponsoredReviews.com, and with this new opportunity I can earn $32.50 ($50 supposedly but the site subtracts 35%). I mean, that's big!

Other email subjects also spell "your post has been approved", and that's by PayPerPost. One problem is that I need to reconfigure or edit my other two posts so that they'll be approved... It's raining money!

Ezine Articles has also accepted one of the two articles I submitted to them, and the other yet unapproved one still to be accepted. It (the approved one) was an opinion that spoke of biting truths about Philippines, which I have posted here in my blog days ago, and the link can be found here for the exact Ezine entry or here for my blog post.

Things couldn't get any luckier than all these in a day...

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