The Frog that was Unfortunate

brown frog, frog, edible frogI was walking down the road on my way home last night from a neighborhood stroll when I saw this pathetic frog lay dead along the pavement. I wonder what could have been the cause of its death. It didn't look as though it were driven along by a vehicle. Anyway, enough of the wondering... It was drizzling, and perhaps it was the evening sky's way of mourning for him and for the souls of those who have been dead already (I don't mean frogs still but human!), as it was nearing the first of November last night. My sympathy goes to this frog. Had it not been drizzling I could have stayed there for a little while and lament for its body, or read a poem that I made five years ago I entitled "A Lament for the Frog", an elegy to a frog whom I accidentally had stepped on, breaking its bones in a loud, creaking noise. May its soul (and this one's) rest in peace. What kind of frog is this by the way? Can anyone tell me? It looks the edible specie of frogs, doesn't it?

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