Enchanted with Enchanted

enchantedWho says fairy tales do not come true? In this modern world they do come alive, by way of a hustly and bustly New York street's manhole. From vividly colorful cartoons the characters lead real lives into the city. First there is Giselle (Amy Adams) thrust into the “real” world by her evil potential mother-in-law (Susan Sarandon). Unfamiliar with her new world and dazed from her cartoon-to-human transformation, she appears unwelcome to Manhattan, although she's put up for the night by a stranger, a vexed divorce lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy), with his little girl (Rachel Covey).

Like Snow White, Giselle has the talent of summoning her platoon of animal friends with just a rhythmical yodel, and with the perfect participation from the city's wildlife force—rats, mice, pigeons, and well-organized cockroaches—she cleans up the messy flat in singing and merrying mode just in time before Robert's girlfriend Nancy (Idina Menzel) visits the place, although in the end it turned out to be more than the mess than it had been and accidentally causing a little trouble to Robert's and Nancy's morning meet-up.

While Giselle deals with her new world, her animated world's prince charming, Edward (James Marsden) follows to search her in the city. But the evil queen has her wicked plans: kill Giselle with a bite from the apple. So she sends her most faithful servant to do the bidding for her and getting impatient over time over the failure of this servant, she forces to visit Giselle herself and have and try her bite the apple. And that was in the King and Queen's ball.

True love's kiss is what it takes to make the fallen Giselle arise from a deep, deathly sleep and who better does it than Robert, who had fallen deeply in love with her. And like most fairy tales, it ends in a happy ending.

All throughout the breadth of the story, viewers will be charmed by Enchanted's jolly and highly romantic songs, such as the “Happy Working Song”, “So Close”, “That's How You Know,” among others (listen here for the official soundtracks).

Everyone's got to see this magical movie; it's Snow White, Cinderella and King Kong in one. It's got references to a lot of Disney's princesses as well. This is for everyone who believes that dreams do come true.

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